Local Government Area


Why Choose Koberlein Law Offices to Help You with your Local Government (City or County) Matters.

Koberlein Law Offices represents multiple local governments and has actually written many policies and procedures that regulate how our local governments (Cities and Counties) perform day-to-day functions and how those local governments pass and enforce their laws (often referred to as Codes).

When we are not helping pass, repeal, or enforce the laws of local governments, we represent private citizens, businesses, and developers and their specific needs. We would be honored to review your legal issue and provide you with an overview of what your needs and desires entail.

Koberlein Law Offices routinely Works with Residential and Commercial Clients to Help with the Following:

• Zoning change requests
• Land use planning
• Environmental impact studies
• Density issues
• Variances
• Special Exceptions
• Administrative Appeals
• Easements
• Land acquisition
• Litigation
• Code Enforcement Issues

Whether you are looking to add a second story, a parking lot, or a subdivision, we are able to help you work with your city or county, and its agencies in order to expedite your project. We are the law the firm you need on your side to get the project done. We routinely work with builders who are highly familiar with zoning and land use planning issues, as well as residential homeowners who need guidance and counsel through the entire process.

Koberlein Law Offices regularly appears before City Councils, County Commissions, Boards of Adjustment, Code Enforcement Boards, and Planning and Zoning Boards in Lake City, Columbia County, Gainesville, Alachua County, and around, Live Oak, Suwannee County; Jasper, Hamilton County; Mayo, Lafayette County; Madison, Madison County; and Trenton, Gilchrist County

Don't Go Into The Courtroom Alone

Whether it's a personal injury case, a criminal case, or an administrative dealing with the government, you will want a dedicated attorney at your side. We take each case very seriously, and we are dedicated to getting our clients the success they deserve.