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How to Handle a DUI Charge

Florida law enforcement and the Courts are getting tougher and tougher on drunk drivers. Unfortunately, stepped-up efforts often trample on your rights.  In particular, there are many legal questions and legal issues that arise around DUI checkpoints that are set up in your area.  We can defend these types of cases.

Whether you are stopped at one of these checkpoints or not, your rights are at risk.  We are ready to provide a vigorous defense for residents, students or tourists charged with a DUI anywhere in Florida.  

Our DUI attorneys include a former Judge and prosecutor and a lifetime criminal defense attorney. Together, the two have handled thousands of criminal matters, including every degree of misdemeanor and felony offense. They make a tremendous team and have achieved outstanding results for our clients (see results here) and they have received many awards and accolades from other attorneys and judges. 

If you have been stopped, it is in your best interest to contact an attorney as soon as possible, do so by contacting us online here or by calling 386.269.9802 for Lake City, Columbia County or 352.519.4357 for Gainesville, Alachua County or 386.516.2626 for Live Oak, Suwannee County.  We have an attorney available 24/7 to help you.

Carefully Pull Over to a Safe Location

The officer has already been observing your driving pattern and likely is recording your vehicle. Pull off to the side of the roadway in the safest location possible. Do so carefully and steadily. If you are suspected of being intoxicated, even the appearance of unsteady driving, swerving or sudden braking can have a negative effect on your defense. Additionally, pulling off in an unsafe manner will be held against you by the officer and interpreted as an impaired decision on your part.  

When Asked, Present your Drivers License, Vehicle Registration, and Insurance Information

This is information the police are allowed to request and that you are expected to present.  Be polite BUT QUIET.  Do not answer any questions if asked whether you have been drinking. Officers generally ask questions only to smell the odor of your breath and they have already developed a suspicion of you being impaired if they are asking you questions, designed to gather evidence.  You have the right to remain silent, and it is in your best interest to do so.  Any questions should be addressed to your attorney.

Decline the Field Sobriety Exercises, A/K/A: "Roadside Tests" or "Sobriety Tests"

You are not obligated to perform field sobriety exercises or take a roadside sobriety test.  These exercises are not only often inaccurate due to errors in the instructions provided, they give the officer who has pulled you over the power to determine whether you are sober or not.  Instead, opt for a blood or urine test at the station or remain completely silent and politely refuse to perform the exercises.

Contact an Experienced DUI Attorney in the Lake City, Live Oak, or Gainesville Areas

Whether you were stopped in Gainesville, Lake City, Live Oak, Macclenny, Columbia County, Alachua County, Suwannee County, or Baker County, the sooner you retain experienced counsel, the better your chance of having your DUI charges dropped or reduced.  A DUI on your record can cost you your driver's license, increases in insurance pricing, your livelihood and your standing in the community.  Do not delay in contacting a lawyer to protect your rights.

To schedule your consultation, contact us online or call 386.269.9802 for Lake City, Columbia County or 352.519.4357 for Gainesville, Alachua County or 386.516.2626 for Live Oak, Suwannee County. See what others have to say about our law firm

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