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Child custody

If you are in the middle of a divorce with children involved, then a parenting plan will be created that outlines which parent cares for your children at what time. If one parent has sole custody of your children, visitation arrangements will be put into place outlining the times that the non-custodial parent can visit the children.

Marital Assets and Division of Property

Determining what is a marital asset isn't always easy, and property isn't always equally divided in a divorce. Property is acquired over the life of a relationship and marriage and dividing items that were always intended to be shared can become very difficult. Also, putting a value on property, especially inherited property, can be troublesome. An experienced family law attorney who has done all of the above can help you wade through the division of property and work to achieve a fair division of your property.


Alimony is often one of the most contentious parts of a divorce. If alimony is coming into play during your divorce, a family law attorney can help narrow down the factors affecting alimony and give you an idea of how much you would be receiving or paying in alimony.

Child Support

Oftentimes, the custodial parent will be entitled to child support from the noncustodial parent to help pay for the costs of raising the child. We often hear the following questions:

  • How much child support do I owe? or
  • How much child support does she owe? or
  • How much child support does he owe?

Whether you are owed child support or whether you will be paying it, a family law attorney can ensure that the child support arrangement is equitable.


Adopting a child can be one of the most exciting times in a family's life. A family law attorney can ensure that this process is done correctly so that you can begin your new life with your child as quickly as possible.

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