Do I Need a Car Accident Attorney?

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“Do I really need an attorney?” It's the first question many people ask when they're pursuing compensation for a car accident. They worry that the moment they talk to a lawyer they're in for a long, painful and expensive battle that's going to end up an all-or-nothing struggle to get compensation for their accident. They wonder if it's not just better to take the insurance company's offer and be done with it.

The truth is, it never hurts to have the services of an attorney in your corner, and in fact it can greatly improve your chances of a solid settlement. Learn why it becomes so important to call a car accident attorney after any accident, and the problems you may face without having one in your corner.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

One of the biggest reasons to call a car accident attorney is that you'll have to deal with insurance companies who are intent on paying out as little as possible. When you get hurt, you'll need to issue a demand letter outlining how much you intend to collect, and the insurance company will likely respond with a low-ball offer or outright refusal.

They might try to bully you, claiming if you don't accept their offer you'll get nothing. They might also refuse you outright and try to claim that you're not hurt as badly as you claimed, or that you're not even hurt at all. Without a lawyer in your corner to fight these accusations, you can end up feeling like the aggressor rather than the victim.

Valuing Your Claim

It can be hard to tell how much you should ask for after an accident. You can't get ongoing payments — these kinds of settlements are of the lump-sum variety. This means you need to be able to accurately estimate what your future damages are going to be as well as those you've already suffered.

An attorney will know how to value not just your special damages like ongoing medical bills, lost wages and potential compensation and the like, but the value for your emotional damages, pain and suffering, damage to your quality of life and other subjective aspects of your injury.

Saving Money

An attorney can actually expedite your claim while getting you a higher payout. Best of all, most good attorneys aren't going to charge you a fee for their services if they lose your case. What this means is that pursuing the case on your own will result in you accruing charges, while having an attorney work on your behalf can actually save you money.

In the end, the answer to whether you need a car accident attorney in your corner for your injury claim is quite simply, yes. You do need the help of a qualified local lawyer to make sure your interests are protected and you have the best possible chance of collecting significant damages. If you're in Florida, call the Koberlein Law Offices today and get a free consultation regarding your case at no obligation to you.

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