Truck Accidents

Truck Accident Lawyers in Live Oak, Florida 

Car accidents are often lumped into the same category as truck accidents among the general public and media. There are differences between the two, however, in how they are handled from a legal perspective. Koberlein Law Offices is a truck accident law firm in Live Oak, Florida that has a legal team ready to handle the complexities of your truck accident claim. 

While we can appreciate the jobs truck drivers and companies do to get our goods to their destinations, these massive semis can deliver a devastating blow to the cars they share the road with. Over 44,300 commercial truck accidents happened on Florida highways and interstates in 2016. 

Let's take a look at how large truck accidents differ from regular car accidents and follow up with how these cases are handled via insurance and court. 

How Truck Accidents Differ from Passenger Car Accidents 

The first most significant, and obvious, difference between these two roadway vehicles is their size and weight. Both of these factors have a lot to do with how each driver handles their vehicle. The larger the vehicle, the more damage it can do. Commercial truck drivers are required to have specific training and licensing to drive semi-trucks. 

The other mobility factors include: 

Acceleration rate - How fast a semi can reach speed limits.

Stopping and Braking Distance - How long it takes a semi to stop including its cargo weight

Turning Radius - Using proper axle control to turn a semi without clipping other vehicles. 

Complicating factors: 

  • Weather and road conditions – Weather and road conditions can cause a semi-truck to act entirely different on the roadway than a passenger car. For example, if the truck slides on an icy surface, it will slide a longer distance at a faster rate than other cars around it. 
  • Cargo Trucks - Most cargo is appropriately loaded in commercial trucks, but far too often, a mistake is made compromising the truck's weight. For example, if the weight of cargo isn't monitored during loading, the truck could end up top heavy leaving it more susceptible to high winds and overturns. 
  • Tanker Trucks - These vehicles often carry flammable materials such as fuel or chemical byproducts. When one of these trucks is involved in an accident, it adds an entirely different level of emergency response than with a cargo truck full of stuffed animals. The contents can be hazardous to health and place anyone involved in an accident at higher risk for health complications. 

Commercial Truck Regulations 

One of the primary reasons to work with an experienced truck accident lawyer in Live Oak, Florida is their knowledge surrounding the trucking industry and the local roadways. These vehicles are highly regulated by the government to ensure the welfare of fellow travelers. 

It's essential to fully understand the regulations of the commercial trucking industry to create an effective truck accident claim. The vehicles must adhere to specific standards, but the drivers should as well. Our experienced attorneys  know how to investigate these accidents to ensure the regulations were properly adhered to. Things like cargo weights, truck maintenance and how many hours the driver had been behind the wheel, are all factors that are considered in your truck accident case. 

Truck Accident Claims and Insurance 

Since Florida is a no-fault state, each person/car involved in an accident appeals to their own insurance to cover their medical expenses. However, individuals involved in a serious or fatal truck/car accident can still sue a trucking operator if they believe they can prove negligence. 

With a truck accident, insurance communications get more complicated. The driver may have their own insurance, as might the trucking and the cargo companies. These commercial agencies tend to move quickly to settle cases pressuring the people involved in making snap decisions about their settlements. It is vital that you move as soon as possible with a truck accident claim, despite the 4-year statute of limitations in Florida, as information tends to disappear or get lost in these accidents. 

Commercial drivers in Florida, or who drive in Florida, are required to carry personal injury protection of up to $10,000 in liability and property damage. They also carry a $10,000 bodily injury policy for each individual who gets involved in an accident with their truck. 

If you are seeking a qualified legal team, Koberlein Law Offices have truck accident attorneys in their Live Oak, Florida offices who are ready to help you. Please give us a call or connect with us online to set up a consultation.

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