Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury Lawyers in Live Oak, Florida 

Someone who has suffered from a physical, mental or emotional injury will usually seek the legal perspective of a personal injury lawyer. Koberlein Law offices work with victims to uncover negligent behavior on behalf of a person, company, professional entity or government agency, any one of which may cause injuries. 

Personal injury is the result of various adverse events from minor fender benders to accidents that completely change someone's life. If you are seeking a personal injury attorney in Live Oak, Florida for something that has happened in your life, we invite you to read on to learn more about how we can help you.

The Work We Do For Our Clients 

  • Listen and Act - Our job as your personal injury lawyer in Live Oak, Florida is to listen to the details of your case and learn about how it has impacted your life. An injury lasts a long time and interferes with your professional and personal lifestyles. Once we learn these details, we can start taking action by offering guidance and legal perspective for your consideration. 
  • Investigate - No matter what kind of personal injury you might be dealing with; such as an accident or slip and fall incident, we will handle much of the investigative work in regards to your case. Our expertise and experience help us identify the evidence needed to prove negligence and where to look for it. 
  • Communicate for You - Your job as a victim is to heal, and our job is to do the work that would otherwise complicate your healing. When it comes to communicating with insurance companies and opposing counsel, we will take the lead. We communicate and correspond with everyone regarding your case and fill you in as necessary on those details. 
  • Negotiate on Your Behalf - The act of negotiation in legal matters is an art. Our personal injury law firm in Live Oak, Florida has spent years learning how to negotiate with various entities like insurance companies. Opposition from the other side can be very intimidating leaving you feeling like you have little recourse but to settle. Our personal injury lawyers eliminate that stress factor for you.  
  • We Go to Court - Most personal injury cases do not see the inside of a courtroom and are settled outside of court. If your Live Oak Personal Injury Lawsuit cannot be resolved or negotiated, we will be taking the lead inside the courtroom to ensure you are adequately represented. 

Questions to Ask Your Live Oak, Florida Personal Injury Lawyer (even ours!) 

When it comes to choosing your personal injury lawyer in Live Oak, Florida, you shouldn't be afraid to ask questions about their expertise and experience. We even encourage you to ask us any of these questions as we believe in full transparency. 

Have you taken a case like mine before and what can I expect?

The answers to these types of questions will allow you to get a grasp about how an attorney will approach your case while you gain a sense of their legal philosophy. 

Who actually works on my case and how often do I hear from them?

At times, a law firm handling your personal injury claim in Live Oak, Florida will place a few lawyers on your case without your knowledge. A legal ‘team' can be in your best interest, but your lawyer should always keep you informed about who is working on your claim.  

What kind of time frame do you expect for this kind of case? 

Any personal injury attorney that promises you a fast resolution to your personal injury case should give you a reason to pause. These cases vary and often take weeks and months (sometimes longer) to resolve. 

What is your legal fee structure and how does that work? 

Personal injury lawyers in Live Oak, Florida should be happy to share their fee structures. Some legal professionals like to be paid hourly, while others operate from a contingency platform. 

Do you belong to any professional associations and where did you go to school? 

Many personal injury lawyers hold membership with professional organizations or associations. Examples might be the local Chamber of Commerce, community nonprofits and legal associations like the Florida State Bar. Don't be afraid to ask about your attorney's professional network and resources. Also, ask where they went to school in the event you would like to validate or verify that information later. 

At Koberlein Law offices  we look forward to working with our neighbors in Live Oaks, Florida neighbors. We hope to take the worry and concern out of your personal injury case so you can heal and get on with your life. Please contact our personal injury Live Oaks,  Florida Law Firm today to set up an appointment.

Don't Go Into The Courtroom Alone

Whether it's a personal injury case, a criminal case, or an administrative dealing with the government, you will want a dedicated attorney at your side. We take each case very seriously, and we are dedicated to getting our clients the success they deserve.