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You may already know that you can seek to recover for a car accident and ask the at-fault driver and the car insurance companies for financial compensation for your losses. However, did you know in order to win that claim, you will have to prove liability, also termed “responsibility”? Do you know what liability applies in your particular situation? 

At Koberlein Law Offices, an expert auto accident law firm in Live Oak, Florida, we know it can be tempting to try and handle your car accident claim on your own. But, if you do not establish liability, you will not win your claim and may end up hurting your chances for the best recovery, whether that involves a trial or a settlement. An experienced law firm in auto accidents and in Live Oak, Florida can help you prove liability. 

Claims of Personal Injury 

One of the most common claims after a car accident is a personal injury claim. When you or someone you love is injured after a car accident, a personal injury claim is typically the legal path you, as the victim, should pursue. In 2018, there were 708 car accidents in Suwannee County , Florida resulting in nearly 300 injuries. 

A successful personal injury claim must prove that the car accident you were in, directly caused your injuries. As a result, you can seek financial compensation to help recover physically, mentally, and financially for some of the following conditions. 

  • Medical Care – A car accident attorney in Live Oak, Florida will help you understand your medical expenses from a legal perspective. No matter how minor your injuries might be, you can file a personal injury claim to help you with medical costs associated with your accident. Everything from broken bones to internal bleeding along with outpatient treatment and long-term hospital stays; compensation can be sought to cover any treatment(s) you receive. 
  • Long-term Care - At times, a car accident can result in permanent injuries that completely change the course of your life. As a result, you will incur medical expenses to assist in day-to-day living. For example, an in-home nurse to help you with daily tasks. Also, if you have to make special modifications to your home, such as making it wheelchair accessible, this too is another example of an expense that you can seek compensation for. Vehicle modifications, in-home mobility equipment and more can all be placed in a car accident claim as well. 
  • Emergency Transport and Service Expenses - For individuals who were severely injured, and needed emergency transportation, such as an ambulance, helicopter (life flight), financial coverage should be added to the personal injury claim. Depending on your insurance provider, an ambulance ride can cost thousands of dollars. 
  • Lost Wages - Injuries with significant impact tend to complicate your work life. If you find yourself losing pay because of your injuries, your personal injury case can cover these expenses. Lost wages usually refer to the pay that you lose during the time you spend healing from your car accident injuries. Koberlein Law Offices' auto accident lawyers in the Live Oak, Florida office can help you calculate these items. 
  • Lost Earning Potential - When injuries permanently hurt your ability to work, your total earning potential is impacted. For example, if you are a professional forklift operator and need the use of your hands, but your car accident took away the use of one of your arms, your earning potential will likely suffer. Internal injuries, such as brain injuries, can also impact your long-term earning potential and end your upward mobility in your career. Koberlein Law Offices' qualified car accident lawyers in Live Oak, Florida will be able to calculate your earning potential so you can add it to your claim. 

Claims of Property Damage Liability 

Property damage may result from your car accident, and if this is the case, you can claim these things in your accident lawsuit. A minor fender-bender can create a decent amount of damage to a vehicle which will likely complicate your life. There are various aspects to a property damage claim which includes some of the following items. 

  • Vehicle Damage - Most car accidents result in vehicle damage which will be assessed by a quality mechanic or dealership garage at the request of the insurance company. Depending on how significant the damage is to your car or truck, you can claim these as property damage in your claim. Sometimes minor damage can be repaired, but all too often, a car ends up as a “total loss.” 
  • Car Rental Expenses - While you wait for your car to be repaired or replaced, you may be responsible for renting a car during that time. Insurance companies typically only provide rental cars for a short period so you will need to repair or replace your vehicle quickly. 
  • Replacement of Valuables in the Car - Most people travel with items they rely on in their day-to-day life, and some of those items can be damaged or get lost in a car accident. For example, people who use their vehicle for work may have laptops, cell phones, or other company equipment in their car. Our attorneys can ask for these items to be financially compensated for by the insurance company. 

If you are seeking legal advice after a car accident, we are here to help. Koberlein Law Offices is a car accident law firm with offices in Live Oak, Florida with legal professionals ready to hear your claim. Give our offices a call or connect with us online to set up an appointment.

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