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Accident Lawyers in Live Oak, Florida 

We rarely suspect that we will be involved in any kind of accident via the road, a public space, or a business location. In fact, if we preoccupied ourselves with these thoughts of gloom and doom, we could drive ourselves crazy and likely never leave the house. 

While accidents are not an everyday event to you personally, they happen every day when we least expect them. Unfortunately, some accidents will completely change our lives. Florida has seen an uptick in accident injuries, especially with distracted drivers, which has left the state with thousands of roadway incidents. A recent study shows that Florida broke records with traffic deaths mounting to over 3,150 incidents

Koberlein Law Offices represents people who are involved in accidents no matter what side they find themselves on. Our legal team in Live Oak, Florida includes accident attorneys who have extensive experience working with victims in various types of accident cases. We handle claims involving car accidents, criminal accidents (for example, DUI injuries), personal injury, wrongful death, and others.  

Role of an Accident Lawyer in Live Oak, Florida 

The area of accident law in Live Oak, Florida encompasses a lot of elements, and you might be wondering how an accident lawyer can help you with your claim. Let's take a look at what accident lawyers do. 

  • Understand the Laws - First and foremost your Live Oak, Florida accident attorney understands laws according to your particular claim. Their knowledge will be invaluable to your accident claim and will eliminate any mistakes or hiccups that can sabotage your case. No two accident cases are alike, making legal expertise so very important in an accident claim. 
  • Understand the Rules – Accident attorneys must understand the local rules in, and around, the Live Oak area. The local rules are enacted by administrative orders of the Chief Judges. 
  • Offers Legal Advice - There are many moving pieces to an accident lawsuit or claim, and keeping track of all of those pieces can be a headache for a victim. An accident lawyer in Live Oak, Florida will offer legal advice based on the specific nuances of your accident and your recovery. 
  • Handles Investigations - Many accidents involving legal matters require a significant amount of research and investigation. Your Live Oak, Florida accident law firm should be equipped to handle these investigations. Furthermore, research involving your case will be based on your welfare rather than that of an insurance company. We have your best interest in mind and look at evidence from that perspective. 
  • Relationships and Resources - Pursuing an accident claim on your own can certainly be done, but one of the most significant benefits of hiring an accident attorney is your access to resources and relationships. Your attorney should have a substantial network of resources to help prove your case; along with relationships built within the legal system that will benefit the outcome of your claim. 

We hope you have a better sense as to what a Live Oak, Florida accident lawyer does.  We thought it would be helpful at this point, to alert you to the top three things to avoid in your accident case. 

Top Three Things Not to do in Your Accident Case 

  • Do Not Admit Fault - While we appreciate anyone who wants to take responsibility for their actions, but before you do so, you should always speak with a lawyer first. Never admit fault to a law enforcement official or insurance company until your case can be thoroughly evaluated by a legal professional. 
  • Underestimating Your Injuries - All too often a victim will minimize how severe their injuries are and how they're impacting their life. When someone else is at fault for your injuries, placing you in emotional, mental and physical pain, legal recourse is appropriate. Underestimating your injuries will leave you paying medical bills for years to come if they are not appropriately evaluated. 
  • Speaking to the Insurance Company – As a victim you can get yourself, or a loved one, in a trick-bag if you reveal too much information to the insurance companies involved. You must discuss the incident, however, you should do so wisely. This doesn't just mean the other party's insurance company, but also your own. The truth is, insurance companies do not have your best interest in mind and are seeking to pay as little as possible when it comes to your accident claim. Working with a Live Oaks, Florida accident attorney, who can communicate with the insurance companies on your behalf, will have a positive impact on your case. 

Koberlein Law Offices is ready to listen to the details of your accident case and offer you legal guidance. We understand this can be an overwhelming process and are here to make it as straightforward as possible, so you can get on with your recovery. Contact our Live Oak, Florida accident law firm to make an appointment today. 

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